Big Funnel Bundle (all 5x templates)

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The Ultimate Email Marketing Bundle. For the business owner who wants it all.

Set up your welcome sequence and freebie to paid offer sequence to help you automate sales around the clock. Use the list clean out sequence to keep your open rates high and use the launch and flash sale sequences to SELL your offers when it's time for a cash injection! 

The Big Funnel Bundle sets you up to master email marketing without ever starting from scratch. 

What you'll get:

  • Welcome to Paid Offer Email Template
  • Freebie to Paid Offer Email Template
  • Launch Email Templates
  • Flash Sale Email Templates
  • List Cleanout Email Template
  • totaling = 31x pre-written, fill-in-the-blank email templates
  • over 2+ hours of walkthrough videos that break down each individual email within the sequence
  • a 'mise en place' checklist of what you need to have prepared before editing the templates
  • PDF guide to further customize the template to your unique brand voice

What People Are Saying:

Chelsea’s 'freebie to paid offer sequence' template took so much work off my hands. All I had to focus on was to create a good freebie. Chelsea’s templates made the email sequence set up absolutely effortless. Copywriting from scratch is rough. These email templates make it super easy to draft your email copy. 

Sandy Y.

I've already made sales from my freebie to paid offer sequence and it's SO FUN seeing passive income pop up and knowing that the work I put into my funnel is paying off.
It was EXTREMELY easy to plug in my own copy and make the templates feel like my own. I loved not starting from scratch. 

Lauren A.

It felt very supportive for me not to start from scratch. These templates collapsed the time for me that it took to write these emails. Creating an additional passive stream of income is important to me as a service-based business. I only have a certain amount of time in my day and these templates support me in helping more people without having to schedule more of my time.

Emily H.

$697.00 USD

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