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22-Day Meditation Challenge

 In this free course you'll learn how to:

+ increase bodily awareness + stress management tools
+ step into the highest version of yourself
+ cultivate your intuitive gifts
+ shift into abundance mindset
+ and so much more!!

What People Are Saying:

I specifically connected to the confidence meditation. I keep imagining confident Maya, and asking myself how she will act. The first ~10 days of the challenge were the most meaningful for me. Although I am going though a breakup, and a career turning point, feel that I am much more whole. I am more kind to myself, with less negative thinking. Accepting these hard experiences knowing that they are here to help me learn, grow and develop to my higher self. I know this thanks to this challenge.


My favorite meditation was the Inner Child Healing. This is something I have mostly avoided exploring by myself, but it was so impactful. I got to pick up with something that I worked on in Reiki and feel like I really made some progress! As for how I am feeling now, another week past the ending of the challenge, I feel really good. I feel like the longer I keep up a meditation practice, the more acutely aware I am when I forget to do it for a day or two. It throws my whole system out of whack! I honestly loved this challenge because of the perceived accountability.. As an obliger, I need a little bit of accountability in my life (okay, sometimes I actually need quite a bit). It makes such a significant difference for me. I think the biggest takeaway for me from the challenge was seeing how big of an impact 15 minutes or less of stillness makes for me. I am so grateful you decided to do this! Thank you so much <3


I could feel the energy you put into these meditations and they are such a powerful tool- I’m looking forward to going back through them for whatever topic pops up in my life. One of my favorites (hard to choose) was the manifestation meditation near the end. It had me in full body chills and took me to another level. I think anyone starting their meditation practice needs this challenge, it’s too good to pass up and the perfect amount as an introduction. Thank you so much Chelsea!