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This step-by-step course takes the mystery out of rewiring your subconscious beliefs so you can expand into the person you want to be.

Major shifts include:

+ Leaving behind the need to be a people pleaser
+ Trusting yourself to make the right decisions for you
+ Taking empowered and MASSIVE action
+ Leaving what isn’t right for you
+ Feeling less stressed and anxious about every move you make

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What People Are Saying:

Chelsea has truly changed my life! ❤️ Not just brain rewiring, but showing me what is possible. Without her example I would not be a full time entrepreneur now and would not be living my dream life. Brain rewiring is a must for EVERYBODY!! This program was very user friendly. You can do it at your own pace and the modules are just the right size. I recommend Synergy 110%. LOVED IT!!


Committing to the brain rewiring process has provided a truly powerful, positive transformation for my life – in all aspects: my relationships, my work and my climbing. I am finally connecting with who I've always wanted to be. I tapped into my source of power and am capable of so much more than I ever realized. And I am a happier, better person because of it!


Wow, where to begin... The biggest change is my overall state of being. I never realized it but I was so negative and pessimistic before brain rewiring. I think this negativity stemmed from my lack of trust in the universe and myself. The biggest change is that I am starting to trust myself more. Overall I feel less anxious. I haven't had a panic attack since starting the rounds. For me, it has been way more than just a self-help course. Learning about brain pathways and neuroscience has helped me understand emotions in a new way that has been f*cking empowering. I feel generally happier throughout the day, I trust my decisions more, and I feel excited about the future. I get work done faster and feel more creative. As far as climbing goes I went from climbing v4 to v6 the first month of starting the rounds. My barriers in climbing have been very mental and I feel more confident and focused while on the wall. I feel more connected to myself- not who I learned to be from society, but who I really am.