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7D AHAI Energy Healing

 Like a spa day for your aura. Ruminating thoughts? Gone. Scarcity mindset? Banished. Anxiety that just won't quit? Cleared.

Strategy can get you pretty far but it's nothing if you don't pay attention to your energy field. Consistent energy healing is the not-so-secret-secret of many 6 and 7-figure CEOS. Inside a session with me you'll receive downloads and clarity on the next steps to take so you can create more momentum in your life. 

 With Ahai, you'll be able to:

πŸ›‘ melt away self-sabotage + negative self-talk
πŸ€” ditch the overthinking and the endless "what if" worries
πŸ’° open the floodgates to abundance and welcome more money into your life
πŸ” dive deep and get to know your highest self 
πŸ’Ž know exactly what to do next and HOW to get there
πŸ’Š get OUT of pain + fully focus on what is in front of you
πŸ‘οΈ take your intuitive gifts up to level 11

We don't mess around here. Ahai is potent, powerful and effective AF. If you're ready to be activated to your highest potential... I can't wait to do a session for you.

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Please note that from the date of purchase you'll have 3 months to schedule this session.

What People Are Saying:

Chelsea is one of the most powerful healers I have been to. I consistently work with her monthly to help me clear my energy body so I can show up as my most authentic self. I leave each session feeling grounded & more clear on the intentions I set each time. It has truly changed my life! I cannot recommend AHAI or Chelsea enough! <3

Jess E.

I have tried all kinds of therapy, sound baths, meditation, journaling, etc and while those are amazing, they have not impacted me to the extent this energy healing has. Chelsea is so easy to connect with and passionate about doing what needs to be done FOR YOU.

Erica H.

Through energy healing with Chelsea, I have moved from being stuck in a trauma response and survival mode to releasing that stress, to allowing the grief to move through, to being able to move forward in a way that feels aligned and intentional. The weight of my trauma feels different and I have an inner sense of peace, trust, and empowerment. I don’t believe I would have learned to let go of my trauma and regain the parts of my life I had shut down to without energy healing.

Vanessa C.