List Clean Email Copy Template

Like spring cleaning but for your email list. These templates will increase your open + click through rates in a little over a week.

It's a pay-per-subscriber world out there and every person on your list that doesn't open or engage with your emails is wasting your $$ AND negatively impacting your deliverability. 

The List Clean Template guides you through winning back cold or inactive subscribers while letting go of subscribers who are no longer engaging with your emails. 

What you'll get:

  • 3x pre-written, fill-in-the-blank email templates
  • 10-minute walkthrough video that breaks down each individual email within the sequence
  • a 'mise en place' checklist of what you need to have prepared before editing the templates
  • PDF guide to further customize the template to your unique brand voice

What People Are Saying:

It was EXTREMELY easy to plug in my own copy and make the templates feel like my own. I loved not starting from scratch.
If you don't have funnels in place in your biz - don't know what you're doing, but GET ON IT and get these templates if you need an easy peasy place to start.

Lauren A.

It’s soooo easy to just plug & go with the template using my own content & language. These templates are an absolute no-brainer. I’m flowing through my workload and projects more easily, I’m generating more content than I otherwise would, peace of mind, excited because I have guidance and don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time.

Mel P.

I only have a certain amount of time in my day and these templates support me in helping more people without having to schedule more of my time. It felt very supportive for me not to start from scratch.

Emily H.

$97.00 USD

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