Starting from scratch is out 

Ready-made templates are IN. You'll never have to stare at a blank page again with these mad-libs style copywriting templates. Packed with personality, easily customizable and designed to convert.

Starting from scratch is out.

Ready-made templates are IN. You'll never have to stare at a blank page again with these mad-libs style copywriting templates. Packed with personality, easily customizable and designed to convert.



Stop fighting with the blinking cursor. Whether you're planning a launch, want to welcome people to your email list or need to pitch your paid offer after someone snags your freebie... you're in the right spot.

Each plug-and-play template is 100% customizable and includes detailed instructions to create your own high-converting email marketing copy.

Welcome to Paid Offer Email Copy Templates

Turn new subscribers into die-hard fans. Make first impressions count and create meaningful connections from the very beginning with these templates.



Freebie to Paid Offer Email Copy Templates

These templates position your paid offer as the logical next step after someone snags your freebie so you can pitch your offers around the clock!



Launch Email Copy Templates

Don't leave your launch results to chance - these 13x email templates are designed with sales and conversion top of mind. Take the stress out of launch planning.



Flash Sale Email Copy Templates

Ever wanted to run a flash sale without worrying about what to say to make your offer sell? These templates take the guesswork out of email marketing! 



List Clean Email Copy Templates

Like spring cleaning but for your email list. These templates help you increase your open + click through rates in a little over a week.



Big Funnel Bundle 

For the business owner who wants it ALL. This bundle includes all 5x email template offers to help you master email marketing and make sales on autopilot.

$697 (save 20%)


It's time to show your business some love 🫶

I get it, your clients come first and I know that backend systems are the FIRST to go when you get busy but lemme say this…

→ if you EVER want to take a step away, catch your breath or slow down for even a second…

→ you can’t leave the success of your business dependent on your ability to show up, create content or on your energy levels.

→ you've gotta have systems in place to make sales that don't require your physical presence.

Otherwise, you're creating more volatility than the economy ever will.



Meet your Copywriter

Heeey, it's Chelsea 👋🏼

I believe it's important to know that what you're buying is going to work. I've honed my craft over the last 4+ years as an online business owner and have written more sales emails than I can count. 

I got my start as a rock climbing coach, quickly scaled my business to multiple six-figures (in under a year) and then pivoted to a career helping other business owners grow. I've been a business mentor for nearly 3 years.

With a history of selling out my offers and helping clients do the same... I know you're going to love these copy templates. 


But don't just take my word for it!

They also loved the templates 🥰

It felt very supportive for me not to start from scratch. These templates collapsed the time for me that it took to write these emails. Creating an additional passive stream of income is important to me as a service-based business.

I only have a certain amount of time in my day and these templates support me in helping more people without having to schedule more of my time.

- Emily H.

Copywriting from scratch is rough. These email templates make it super easy to draft your email copy. “I don’t know what to write” is no longer an excuse! It’s all done for you, all you have to do is fill in the blank.

Chelsea’s 'freebie to paid offer sequence' template took so much work off my hands. All I had to focus on was to create a good freebie. Chelsea’s templates made the email sequence set up absolutely effortless.

I saved so much time on copywriting as well as got better at my own copywriting. Best creation ever! 

- Sandy Y.

It was EXTREMELY easy to plug in my own copy and make the templates feel like my own. I loved not starting from scratch. I've already made sales from my freebie to paid offer sequence and it's SO FUN seeing passive income pop up and knowing that the work I put into my funnel is paying off.

If you don't have funnels in place in your biz - don't know what you're doing, but GET ON IT and get these templates if you need an easy peasy place to start.

- Lauren A.

It’s soooo easy to just plug & go with the template using my own content & language. These templates are an absolute no-brainer.

I’m flowing through my workload and projects more easily, I’m generating more content than I otherwise would, peace of mind, excited because I have guidance and don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time.

- Mel P.

Don't leave money on the table any longer - it's time to let your business and your email marketing work for you.


Questions? I've got answers!