Expand with Chelsea

For the business owner that is ready to create the life she's always dreamed of. No more overworking, no more struggling and no more people-pleasing. It's all up from here.

Expand with Chelsea

For the adventurous woman who wants to rewire the f*ck out of her brain so she can trust herself & take empowered, massive action.

There are a million and one ways to build a business.

 But the ones where you are seconds away from total burnout are not an option anymore.

While on the outside looking in you might seem like you have your shit together... you can't seem to break that $$ plateau you've been stuck in, call in clients who ACTUALLY are committed or scale your business further without giving *more* of your time

That’s where I come in. 

By helping show you how YOU are best meant to lead as a business owner you can finally stop spinning out trying to DO more. It turns out that when we focus more on potency and less on output... a whole lot can change. 

Over here, we say ‘NO’ to anything that makes you feel like you have to work more and a big HELL YES to anything that feels expansive and EASEFUL. 

because we are all about longevity.

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Your new favorite Business Growth Podcast: Expanded By

Start your day off with a dose of business-growth motivation, inspiration, and guest experts by tuning into my podcast, Expanded By. For the spiritual, risk-taking, ‘let’s make some big changes’ kinda entrepreneur, this podcast combines direct advice with unwavering acceptance for where you’re at. 

With business growth as the foundation we talk about everything from human design, to brain rewiring to mindset work to spirituality and so much more. When you tune in, you won't be able to help but get psyched to work on your business all while learning MORE about yourself as a leader in your space.

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It doesn't have to all happen at once. Building a sustainable business is all about taking steady, consistent action where we:

move the needle.

You know you’re meant for big things, click below to learn how to move the needle in your business.


Starting a business is a mix of exhilaration and introspection. Banish those pesky money beliefs and create from a place of ‘I got this’ so your business can boom, and you can do what you love while makin’ a ton of cash.

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Ready to create, launch and sell out your group program? You're in luck! Group programs are an extremely effective way to scale your business from 1:1 to 1: many. If you're ready to stop trading time for %, it's time to reach MORE people with your own group program.

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It’s all in your head. No really.
Your entire perception of every experience is comin’ straight from that squishy pink thing in your skull. By rewiring the way you view your life, you can untangle those limiting beliefs and tell yourself the story that makes you thrive.

Rewire My Brain

Hi, I’m Chelsea

Multiple 6-Figure Business Mentor |
Brain Rewiring Expert |
Full-time Rebel

Life didn’t start out as multiple 6-figure years and running a successful business.

Far from it actually. I was living paycheck to paycheck, tryin’ out over 20 jobs in an attempt to "get it right", knowing all along I was never meant to work for someone else.

So what changed? >> I went all in and bet on myself. 

 I dove into mentoring, learning as much as I could about myself and rewired my brain to get to the source of why I’m on this hamster wheel. And it wasn’t just a casual, self-help book kind of affair. I invested a sh*t-ton into coaching and mentorship. I believed with every cell in my body that I can do whatever the f*ck I wanted with my life. Playing small and working for an hourly $ wasn't an option any longer. 

The result >> $220K my first year in business and consistent $20K months after that.

Then came learning how to work less while making more $$. As a multi-passionate individual I wanted to create more time in my life to do the things I love: climbing, being with my friends + family and hanging with my dog, Ollie.

My business works for me... not the other way around.

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