Grow your business - your way.

Pick your path and step into the life that you know you were meant to live. No more playing small, it's GO time. Less work, more impact + more $$.

Rewire your brain and make radical action inevitable.

Pick your path and charge into the life
that’s meant for you.

Catalyst - 1:1 MENTORSHIP

Go deep in an intimate setting and see just how much abundance is truly available for you.

Team up with me for 4 months and explore exactly what’s holding you back. Then take a quantum leap by leaning into yourself and taking radical action. A lot happens when we focus on you. 

Major shifts include:

+ Deconditioning and permission around working LESS and making more (imagine feeling safe enough to work 10 hrs/week)
+ Raising your prices so that you CAN work less
+ Strategizing successful launches (that don't feel energy draining)
+ Getting tf rid of impostor syndrome
+ Becoming a boundary setting badass in both your business + personal life



Start your business with a BOOM.

New business? Don’t spin your wheels and question what’s working.
By combining business expertise and proven mindset shifts, you’re going to do what you love and make a sh*t-ton of cash. This self-paced course will take you from $0 to five-figure months FAST.


Major shifts include:

+ Figuring out the magic you bring to your work
+ Shifting into CEO mindset
+ Creating a kickass offer that sells like hotcakes
+ Mastering the stress-free sales call
+ Scaling like a boss when you ditch that imposter syndrome



Rewire your brain for abundance, success + overcome fear.

This step-by-step self-paced course takes the mystery out of rewiring your subconscious beliefs so you can expand into the person you want to be.


Major shifts include:

+ Leaving behind the need to be a people pleaser
+ Trusting yourself to make the right decisions for you
+ Taking empowered and MASSIVE action
+ Leaving what isn’t right for you
+ Feeling less stressed and anxious about every move you make



Learn to create, launch and sell out your next group program.

This self-paced program shows you how to tap into your expertise and create a kickass group program. No struggling to fill spots. No fears. No uncertainty. Just aligned content that changes lives and makes people RAVE about you.

Major Shifts Include:

+ Developing an irresitible topic for your program
+ Charging your worth and building out a high ticket offer
+ Marketing like a pro and connecting with your ideal client
+ Running an effective group program that drives results
+ Selling out your program spots and loving the sales process in the meantime