Release to receive.

Feel to heal. The emotions and energy we don't release will run our lives. Ahai 7D is an extremely powerful yet loving energy to help you facilitate deep healing.

Rewire your brain and make radical action inevitable.

Pick your path and charge into the life
that’s meant for you.

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1:1 7D Ahai Session

Create miracles by leaning into receiving and feminine energy.

All day, every day you put others first. It's time to put YOU first by letting yourself be supported with the magic of Ahai. It's only when we truly slow down that miracles can find us (ever tried to hit a moving target?).

Major shifts include:

+ Alignment with your highest self+ 
Clarity, expansion and direction on what to do next

+ Physical, emotional and spiritual healing
+ Raising both your frequency and vibration
+ Opening up and further developing your natural intuitive abilities
+ Intuitive guidance from me from your guides and the Universe


Group 7D Ahai Healing Circles

Hosted monthly to help you to release low frequency emotions + energy.

Energy healing sessions facilitate deep change within you. By using 7D Ahai energy, we’re channeling powerful energy that is connected with both angels and the creativity of the divine feminine.

Major shifts include:

+ Nervous system regulation
+ Facilitating the deep release of physical and emotional pain
+ Gaining clarity on the direction you need to go/your mission
+ Feelings of lightness, epiphanies and downloads
+ Connection to other community members with a spiritual connection