Hi fellow biz owner ūüĎčūüŹľ

I bet we've got something in common...

Hi fellow biz owner ūüĎčūüŹľ

I bet we've got something in common...

 Did I wake up to quarter-million-dollar years or hit $20K months straight out of the womb?

Hahaha. No. 

In fact, I couldn‚Äôt hack this ‚Äėget a good job‚Äô thing no matter how hard I tried. I flipped through over 20 careers and lived paycheck to paycheck for almost 10 years until I realized this simple truth >>

I'm not meant to work for other people. And if I know anything about you... you aren't either.

But the thing is... no one teaches you how to be a successful entrepreneur in school. We are left to flounder and constantly wonder if we are really cut out for this whole business owner thing.


I was trying to force myself into the 9-5 box when I was BORN to stand out, born to lead. The worst part was I was holding myself back from my potential and the reality I *knew* I could create if only I had the right guidance. 


August 2019, everything changed. 

I couldn't do it anymore. I would cry before each shift that I had - working as a manager at a local grocery store. NOT what I had in mind when I was a little girl.

I hired a business mentor that very month. I implemented every single thing we talked about, I was deeply uncomfortable every day. But it started to pay off... 2 months after starting my business I matched the full-time income I had from my grocery store job.

I quit that job in October of the same year and shortly after, in January 2020 I hit my first $10k month. It has been the minimum ever since.

And damn, was THAT a process.


Here's *how* I grew my business so quickly.

 I could have read 10 pages of a self-help book every morning. But I realized pretty quickly that that wasn’t gonna get me anywhere (except late for work). 

So I said ‚Äėfuck it‚Äô to fear and invested in myself like crazy, studying under the best coaches and mentors I could find. I rewired my brain and radically believed that I could lean into myself and create a life that looks like magic.¬†

It really was all in my head that I had to fit the mold. The best part is that if you can think it... you can CREATE it.

Let’s talk results

 My first, second and third year in business >> $680k total

My monthly income >> averaging about $20K

My 2022 >> $120k even when I took close to 3 months off

My energy >> better than ever because I no longer feel the need to work MORE 

My investments >> close to $300k into my growth + reinvested back into the business

Clients >> over 200+ business owners served in the last 3 years

There's a reason I named my business EXPAND with Chelsea
. Leaders go first - I do the "impossible" things to show you that it's possible in hopes that I become an expander for you.

Fun fact: I’m a climber

And have been for 14+ years. Being adventurous AF runs in my blood. As a climber, I’m no stranger to risk-taking and pushing myself to the edge… but I'd be lying if I said I was never afraid. 

In order to improve at climbing you have to push yourself - the sport demands it. You have to be willing to go all in AND find the minimum effective dose to keep it sustainable to get the results that you want. Go too hard for too long and you'll end up burnt-out instead.

I'm about as stubborn as they come but I finally realized in both climbing AND running a business that rest = sustainability. Once you allow yourself to do just that, it IS possible to have it all without sacrificing your sanity in the process.

I got my start in the online space in 2019 as a rock climbing coach and quickly realized that being a business owner is what I truly live for, the pivot to business mentor came easily in 2022.

We doing this?!

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