Ready for the next big step in your business?

Group programs are the logical next step for many business owners after working with clients 1:1 …

And if you’re looking to create, launch and sell out your next (or first!) group program, you are in for the most exciting and rewarding chapter of your business yet.

But if you're anything like most of my clients you LOVE what you do... you just don't love "running a business" and dealing with the logistics.

Let me know if this sounds familiar...

  • Impostor syndrome often gets in the way and whispers “what if no one joins?” causing you to stop in your tracks
  • You worry your marketing and messaging aren’t clear, leaving you frustrated and wondering why you wanted to even run a group program in the first place
  • You don’t have a proven launch strategy, causing you to feel behind, unorganized and inconsistent in the way you communicate your offer
  • You know you can get your clients results 1:1 but worry they won’t be able to make a transformation inside of the group without tailored help

I'm going to stop you right there ✋🏼 

It doesn't have to be this way! Scaling your business can feel effortless. If you have the right tools and education paired with a customized launch strategy that you can repeat time and time again (hello, consistent income!) you'll truly become unstoppable.

If you want to know how to…

  • Create the most transformative and individualized curriculum for your program that get your clients massive results (aka create RAVING fans + testimonials while changing lives)
  • Market your offer in a way that feels authentic (not salesy), SUSTAINABLE (no more late-night freak out sessions) and fun (yes, marketing and FUN do get to be used in the same sentence here!)
  • Confidently stand out in a sea full of people and magnetize people to YOU, instead of trying to convince people to work with you
  • Fill your program with dream clients and effortlessly sell out your offer
  • Learn a repeatable and scalable way to continue to generate massive amounts of $$$ inside your business (hello, working less + making more!)

An 8-week course designed to help you create, launch and sell out your next group program.

This a program like no other. Scale combines education and the energetics of your business with a step-by-step guide to create, launch + sell out your group program. Whether it's your first group program or your fifth.

Scaling your business doesn’t have to feel hard.

I want in! ✨
The Scale Formula
1. Create

Craft your curriculum to get every single group participant incredible results. Learn your offer inside + out to be able to clearly communicate what you have offer.

2. Launch

Promote your offer with ease + confidence. Learn my exact strategy for sold-out launches *every time.* No most mid-launch blues or worrying about low-enrollment.

 3. Sell

Learn exactly how to speak about your offer to become magnetic and attract dream clients effortlessly. Get my proven sales script to help you close sales calls with ease. 

Hi, I'm Chelsea 👋🏼

Multiple six-figure business owner, serial group program creator and expander for business owners looking to scale their businesses.

I’ve been helping coaches build out their group programs with massive success for the last 2 ½ years.

After running my first group program back in 2020 (and generating over $10k from that first launch), I knew I was onto something.

In 2021, I served 48 clients between 4 group programs and generated over $127,000 in sales from group programs alone.

That’s six-figures just from group programs.

If I had worked with each of those clients individually, well… I certainly wouldn’t have the time to be having this conversation with you today.

I see you. I've been you.

If you’re reading this, I’m guessing you’ve got a big mission on this planet. Your soul came to help people here on Earth.

It can feel difficult to change the world one client at a time, this is why group work is so necessary and effective.

When you get yourself in front of more people, you help more people at once. This creates more time for yourself so that when you show up, you do so POWERFULLY and your message is more impactful.

When we pair your drive to help others with a proven launch formula you become unstoppable. No more worrying about low enrollment, putting yourself out there or if you’ve done enough to promote your offer.

Scaling your business has never felt so easy ✨

Scale is for you if:

  • You’re ready to launch your next (or first!) group program in the near future
  • You feel a deeper calling to serve and help more people
  • You are ready to get your clients MASSIVE results and have them do the selling for you the next time you relaunch your program
  • You are tired of inconsistent action inside your business and want to communicate your offer clearly and effectively
  • You want to SCALE your business - creating more time, freedom and $$$
I need this! ✨

Imagine this...

Instead of listening to even more free podcast episodes (or worse yet... consulting Google University) and having no idea how to implement the information into your unique business, Scale provides you with a step-by-step guide to find the exact right launch strategy that will work for your group program.

No more guessing what type of content to post, taking on clients that are less than ideal (yikes, we’ve all been there), worrying about low enrollment or feeling that mid-launch crash and burn.

Running a group program can feel intimidating

There's just one YOU and so many group members. I know the exact questions you have leading up to running a group program.

Questions like what format is best for my program? What should I price the program at?! How do I market my offer in a way that feels authentic to me AND attracts dream clients?

And maybe most importantly... how do I make sure people *actually join*?

I've got the answers to these questions and so much more.


The Scale Modules

What You'll Receive

inside Scale

  • 8 educational modules with video + audio content ($2500)
  • Weekly worksheets, tasks and done-for-you templates to implement everything you’ve learned ($1200)
  • Bonus meditation to connect with your business on an energetic level ($97)

Total Value: $3,797

Your investment...



*6-month payment plan option available


Join Scale ✨

Think what your life could look like just a few months from now... 

Running the most kickass group program with DREAM clients. Recurring payment plans that keep rolling in and more time than you've ever had in your schedule.

Creating true change in people's lives while doing what you love.

You in? 💫

Join Scale ✨
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