They decided if it isn’t a hell yes, it’s a f*ck  no

Give these success stories a read and see what’s possible when you rewire your brain and radically trust yourself.

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"The 3 hour intensive went by SO FAST!

No moment was wasted and we got down to business right away. I left the call with so much confidence: I had a clear vision of who my new idea client was, clear priorities with how I should be spending my time, and a strategic launch plan that would set me up for success. I am in the beginning stages of my launch right now, and can already tell the energy of the process is electrifying. The strategies are working, and I KNOW this launch will be a success. Chelsea is not only a wizard when it comes to feedback for your business, but she is also so approachable & kind. I felt supported and encouraged throughout the entire process."

- Amanda

"You have never been listened to the way Chelsea Murn is going to listen to you!

She brings total attention, patience, loving honesty, and complete support. The abundant work Chelsea does on herself must be one of the secrets to her egoless coaching. It's also insanely fun. Jump on this wisdom!"

- Mike

"I had my intensive with Chelsea this afternoon.... holey moley.

I feel like I could run through a wall!  We got super CLEAR on next steps for me to launch this coming FALL!"

- Kyle

"IMPACTFUL! That is the best descriptor for the intensive with Chelsea.

It is also incredibly fun. Having someone there who is just as pumped as you to brainstorm, fine tune, and plan is amazing. Totally recommend it to anyone interested!!"

- Rose

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"I feel like I have been given an operating manual to my brain and heart

and the tools to address my fears, negative beliefs and habits. The skills I've learned on this course will stay with me for life. Chelsea has made this course clear, simple and accessible and in no time at all, you can be rewiring negative pathways that have been with you for life."

- Jane

"Committing to the brain rewiring process has provided a truly powerful, positive transformation for my life

– in all aspects: my relationships, my work and my climbing. I am finally connecting with who I've always wanted to be. I tapped into my source of power and am capable of so much more than I ever realized. And I am a happier, better person because of it!"

- Josie

"When I really thought about it, the only person standing in my way was ME.

My negative and anxious thoughts surrounding all aspects of my life left me in a worse place than I could have ever imagined and I was losing control. This self-paced course was exactly what I needed to start finding self care and love with my crazy work schedule and its continued to be sustainable."

- Erin

"Chelsea has truly changed my life! ❤️

Not just brain rewiring, but showing me what is possible. Without her example I would not be a full time entrepreneur now and would not be living my dream life. Brain rewiring is a must for EVERYBODY!! This program was very user friendly. You can do it at your own pace and the modules are just the right size. I recommend Synergy 110%. LOVED IT!!"

- Kirsi