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You are and always will be the best investment you'll ever make. Read and listen to past client's experiences working with Chelsea inside different containers. 

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1:1 Mentorship (Catalyst) Testimonials

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"We addressed all of my goals and more!

I wanted to feel more confident as a business owner, to be able to raise my prices and make more money, grow the business, start developing passive offers, and overall develop the business in a more sustainable direction. I honestly don't even remember all of my goals from the application but I know we addressed many of them and even helped me to realize goals I didn't know I needed.

- Kelsee

"This is only the beginning!

Catalyst has dramatically improved my systems and the way that I run my business. It has allowed me to feel way more worthy of my dreams and feel supported in the process which has changed how I show up! It’s been amazing, thank you for reminding me of parts of myself that have been left behind, for clearing the clutter and showing me the support I am oh so worthy of!!"

- Dr. Jessica


1:1 Business Intensives

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"You have never been listened to the way Chelsea Murn is going to listen to you!

She brings total attention, patience, loving honesty, and complete support. The abundant work Chelsea does on herself must be one of the secrets to her egoless coaching. It's also insanely fun. Jump on this wisdom!"

- Mike P. (90-min intensive)

"The 3 hour intensive went by SO FAST!

No moment was wasted and we got down to business right away. I left the call with so much confidence: I had a clear vision of who my new idea client was, clear priorities with how I should be spending my time, and a strategic launch plan that would set me up for success. I am in the beginning stages of my launch right now, and can already tell the energy of the process is electrifying. The strategies are working, and I KNOW this launch will be a success. Chelsea is not only a wizard when it comes to feedback for your business, but she is also so approachable & kind. I felt supported and encouraged throughout the entire process."

- Amanda F. (3-hour intensive)

"IMPACTFUL! That is the best descriptor for the intensive with Chelsea.

It is also incredibly fun. Having someone there who is just as pumped as you to brainstorm, fine tune, and plan is amazing. Totally recommend it to anyone interested!!"

- Rose D. (90-min intensive)

"She reminded me that I could trust myself and that my business trusted me to do what was right for it.

My 90-min intensive with Chelsea was like calling in 911 support for my business. I had worked with Chelsea in a longer-term program prior, so she already knew me and my business well. When I experienced a business emergency and needed some quick and effective support with a pivot, she was excited and ready to help me problem-solve from a place of grounding and move forward without fear.  Having the intensive as a "back-pocket" option helped me feel equipped with support when I needed it the most! You could say we more than "stopped the bleed" :)”

- Kelsee K. (90-min intensive)


Course Testimonials

"When I really thought about it, the only person standing in my way was ME.

My negative and anxious thoughts surrounding all aspects of my life left me in a worse place than I could have ever imagined and I was losing control. This self-paced course was exactly what I needed to start finding self care and love with my crazy work schedule and its continued to be sustainable."

- Erin B. (course taken >> Synergy)

"Chelsea has truly changed my life! ❤️

Not just brain rewiring, but showing me what is possible. Without her example I would not be a full time entrepreneur now and would not be living my dream life. Brain rewiring is a must for EVERYBODY!! This program was very user friendly. You can do it at your own pace and the modules are just the right size. I recommend Synergy 110%. LOVED IT!!"

- Kirsi K. (course taken >> Synergy)

"I cannot wait to continue implementing everything I learned from this course

into my first launch and many more thereafter! Amplify is a staple course if you plan on launching anything in your business. The steps and information Chelsea provides is not only powerful & so informative but she shares so many easy actionable steps to take to make your launch a success."

- Jess E. (course taken >> Amplify)

"Amplify gave me extra confidence for my future launches

in terms of not feeling like I would burnout and to trust myself to launch in my way not some other business owners way. All while not being to time consuming or feeling overwhelmed, which other courses have made me feel. Cannot recommend Amplify enough to other business owners who are looking for a smoother launch process."

- Jen C. (course taken >> Amplify)

"Chelsea did not disappoint and far exceeded my expectations!

I joined Scale in hopes that I would find the tools and content I need to launch a group program. The content within the program is thought out and given in bite-sized pieces, which made it really easy for me to fit into my schedule. While she gives you the building blocks of creating and launching a group program, she also encourages that you do what feels right and she doesn't force a "correct" on anything. Stop thinking about it and join! :)"

- Maggie K. (course taken >> Scale)

"My confidence as a coach and business owner right now is at a new high.

Group programs, selling, and visibility used to give me anxiety. I had an avoidant relationship with my business. Chelsea is a massive expander in business (and other things of course). Now I am wayyyy more excited to show up. I used to feel paralyzed by fear in showing up and my business got very stagnant. I now know that my short cut to magnetism is messy action and I am happy to take it."

- Sandy Y. (course taken >> Scale)


7D Ahai Energy Healing Testimonials

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"I have moved from being stuck in a trauma response and survival mode to releasing that stress

through energy healing with Chelsea. I've allowed the grief to move through, and move forward in a way that feels aligned and intentional. Not that there aren’t still challenging moments, but the weight of my trauma feels different and I have an inner sense of peace, trust, and empowerment. I don’t believe I would have learned to let go of my trauma and regain the parts of my life I had shut down to without energy healing."

- Vanessa C.

"Chelsea is a powerful goddess!

She weaves magic, grounding support, and authentic connection into all interactions. Her calming, melodic voice sweeps you into a blissful lullaby guiding you deeper into growth, healing, release and surrender. For the last three years, she has consistently been hitting it out of the park with her life changing and empowering programs along with Synergy and energy healing circles. I feel immensely blessed and grateful to have crossed Chelsea’s path on my healing journey! She’s been an incredible coach, mentor and friend."

- Jocelyn P.

"I consistently work with her monthly to help me clear my energy body

so I can show up as my most authentic self. Chelsea is one of the most powerful healers I have been to. I leave each session feeling grounded & more clear on the intentions I set each time. I feel supported not only by her but the guides that come through to assist with the healing. It has truly changed my life! I cannot recommend AHAI or Chelsea enough! <3"

- Jess E.

"I have tried all kinds of therapy, sound baths, meditation, journaling, etc.

and while those are amazing, they have not impacted me to the extent this energy healing has. Chelsea is so easy to connect with and passionate about doing what needs to be done FOR YOU."

- Erica H.