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22-Day Meditation Challenge 2022

Join us for 22 days of meditation to kickstart or refresh your meditation practice. This free challenge will include daily email, video lessons and daily guided meditations to help you become the most high-frequency version of YOU. There aren't many high-level CEOs and business owners that don't have a meditation practice in some shape or form. It all starts in your MIND, let's make it an extremely enjoyable place to be.

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Meet Your Guide

  • Intuitive Business Mentor
  • Brain Rewiring Expert
  • 7D Ahai Energy Healer

Chelsea has been guiding clients to a consistent meditation practice with tools like brain rewiring, inner child healing, shadow work, trauma healing and energy healing for almost 2 years. After embarking on 2 different 90-day meditation challenges herself and seeing the massive benefit, she cannot WAIT to bring the benefits to more people.

What can happen in 22 days?

  • Create a consistent meditation habit that allows you to connect with your business on a DEEP level
  • Learn how YOU operate as an individual + use that to grow your business
  • Increased self-awareness and intuition
  • Improved trust in yourself + your decision making abilities (no more second guessing!)
  • ... and so much more!

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It's time to become friends with your brain - it's the best tool you have to grow your business bigger than you can imagine. It's time to get to know yourself in a whole new way. Let's dive in...

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