Launching... you either love it or you hate it

I’ve got a secret for you… launching doesn’t have to suck. It also doesn’t need to be scary, overwhelming or soul-sucking.

Here’s the thing, launching is one of *the best* ways for you to make hella money in your business while creating real ebb and flow. Yes, you can use launching to make enough money to take time off inside your business, feel rested and then come back feeling excited again.

But the way that most business owners are launching creates a cycle of feast and famine instead and aren’t even close to hitting their launch goals.

I'm ready to enjoy launching 👀

I've truly seen it all when it comes to launching...

You’re either one of two people:

a.) you’ve never been taught how to launch or

b.) you know the old method of launching that leaves you dead tired and never wanting to launch again

Hear me out

If you’ve never been taught how to launch, the launch process probably seems really daunting and like you can never quite “see” the bigger picture. Are you just supposed to talk about your offer a lot, forever?! A big "no thank you" to ambiguity.


Maybe you DO know how to launch but you were also taught that launching meant just showing up MORE (and somehow being even more creative than you usually are?!). Which takes more energy leaving you a hot (tired) mess usually before the launch even starts.

I Wanna Join ✨
I'm READY to Launch Better! ⚡️

Amplify is for you if...

>> you want the "launch formula" and a step-by-step plan to follow to knock your launch outta the park

>> you feel scattered and the launch process seems overwhelming and intimidating

>> you want more ebb and flow inside your business - aka cash infusions so you can take a step back when you want/need to!

>> know your copywriting could use some work, you're really damn good at what you do but something just isn't clicking with your audience

>> you've never launched before and want to go all-in on your first launch!

>> you have launched before but feel like your current launch methods aren't really "working" and it makes you discouraged AF to try again

>> you feel jealous of other coaches/service providers/business owners selling out and are wondering how to make that YOUR story too

>> you are so proud of what you offer and want it to reach as many people as possible

Launching is a skillset, just like copywriting, speaking and creating content. The more you do it, the better you’ll get at it. But it’s hard to get good at something when you don’t know how to do it. That’s where Amplify comes in…

Amplify gives you the entire bigger picture along with the puzzle pieces that YOU get to customize for yourself (your unique energy flow) and your business (what you offer/sell). The “launch formula” looks different for every business owner but the pieces are the same.

I'm ready to learn the pieces 🤩

What past clients are saying about working with Chelsea:


"Chelsea was so supportive and so real which is hard to find in the coaching space. She creates a really safe space and asks great questions that support you in refining your vision and listening to your intuition. This container was such a great balance of structured recommendations and energetic support which is sometimes even more important. I would definitely work with Chelsea again!"

Dr. Jessica

[Our time together has] "been amazing, thank you for reminding me of parts of myself that have been left behind, for clearing the clutter and showing me the support I am oh so worthy of!! This is only the beginning!"


"The confidence (in myself and in my intuition) that I was able to develop is invaluable. While I miss asking Chelsea for feedback, I have learned that I do not NEED her feedback. And I know that means the container was effective. It is MY business and I cannot make a wrong decision because I am an intuitive and talented business owner."

Amplify = THE launch formula

Launching is a skill that demands practice. So many of us don’t see the results we want and immediately think something is wrong or needs to change. Sometimes it’s true that some variables need to change but what if, most of all, you just needed more practice at it?

What if you just needed to believe in yourself and used the confidence of having a structure, a formula and giving it your all to help you out?

Giving it your all and wondering wtf you’re doing is a hell of a lot different than giving it your all and trusting the process (because you actually know what the process is).

Beam Me Up SCOTTY!! 🛸

The Nitty Gritty Details: 

Ohkey, I'm IN! 🤩
  • 4x pre-recorded modules (over 5 hours of video and audio material)
  • 3 pre-recorded meditations - one for each phase of the launch
  • Launch templates, calendars and other handouts
  • $444*
*2-month payment plan option available here


A closer look at the modules:

Module #1 - Launch Planning PARTY

We are kicking things off with a BANG! If you’re a “need to see the bigger picture” type of person you’re going to love this overview of the launch process as a whole. I’ll be providing the templates/calendar and you get to fill in the dates for your next launch! Bring your markers, highlighters and planner 😎

Module #2 - Touchpoints are the New Touchdowns

Ever feel like you could have “done more for your launch” but then feel averse to actually working MORE? I gotchu covered with a brand new way to think about and approach launching. Touchpoints allow you to feel successful while ticking boxes (aka you get to LIVE your life while you launch).


Module #3 - Becoming Unstoppable 

You have a unique energy flow, it’s time to tap into it. This is not me teaching you what work for ME, it’s helping you realize your personal “minimum effective dose” so you can show up powerfully. And you KNOW we’ll be incorporating human design into this call 😏

Module #4 - Turning Crickets into Payment Notifications

Low engagement/interest BE GONE. In this call we are going to dramatically improve your copywriting. The reason it doesn’t seem like people are interested isn’t because they don’t want what you have to offer… it’s because you haven’t yet given them a reason to BUY. People buy based off emotion and in this call I’ll help you answer your audience’s question of “what’s in it for me?” so you can keep the energy high all launch long.

I'm Ready to Join Amplify! 🔥

Running a business and launching is one of the most creative things you can do as a human being, but creativity doesn't get very far without structure.

Structure provides a story line, a reason for someone to opt into what you are selling. Structure makes things MAKE SENSE and serves to educate, inspire and drive desire all in one.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “you’ve got to learn the rules in order to break the rules,” well, I’m about to teach you the "rules" of launching.

Ultimately I want you to realize that the only rule is that there are *no rules* but if you can’t even conceptualize a launch and what it COULD look like, how could you even begin to think outside the box?

A side note for my rebel babes: I know structure and "rules" are hard. Believe me, I rebelled against it for so long and what I’ve finally come to realize is I feel the most freedom within structure. Learning how to plan a launch has given me more courage to do things my way, a way to create understanding in chaos and so much more. 

I promise you that you get to make this yours.

You owe it to yourself and your business to insert some structure so you can finally breathe deep and relax inside it.

Let's Goooo 📣